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  • 55will87 ·

    I was looking at your transmission cooler install and curious if you could take some pictures of the brackets Lashway made for you. I tried calling them about getting the brackets but haven't heard back. I want to make some myself. Lastly, did you bypass the stock transmission cooler with your setup?


    nda9090 ·
    VETRNZ06 on G8board is looking for someone to detail his car AT the Extravaganza. I don't know any other way to get in touch with him.
    odoprelude ·
    Where can I find those longer studs? I noticed you said Crazy Paul, but couldn't find him. Thanks! I really appreciate the advice!
    thebeast ·
    that spacer should work. I have the longer studs installed on my car right now, but i dont need them because i got the camaro ss wheels. When i have the time, i was thinking of removing them and installing the stock studs again. Its alot of work, but can be done
    odoprelude ·
    Hi, sorry to bug you, but saw you had originally done the Camaro Brembo with keeping your 19" wheels. You said spacers had to be custom done, but I found these on eBay.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/12mm-15-32-WHEEL-RIM-SPACERS-5x100-5x120-65-mm-/290518593108?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AG8%7CSubmodel%3AGT&hash=item43a441ee54 Do you think they would work for this application? Of course with getting the new wheel studs. I really appreciate your input. I bought this kit from SLP and they were telling me that you should be able to bolt them on with spacers and longer studs...
    thebeast ·
    saftey wise it would be better to eliminate them. unfortunately, when i got my new wheels on that i am returning, they lost one of my front spacers.
    your best bet is to get new wheels, because running a spacer and not getting longer studs is dangerous. i am going with the camaro wheels that will be here tomorrow. that way all spacers are gone.
    if i can get the other one, then ill be more then happy to sell them to you for 100 plus shipping.
    ill let you know in a few days when i go back to the rim shop. hopefully tuesday if you dont mind waiting
    Holloway ·
    hey< just visited the machine shop today< im having a hard time finding someone who is willing to make them due to all the liability bs with wheel spacers, i saw on a previous thread u were looking for rims, would you be interested in selling the spacers??? and safety wise is it just a better option to eliminate them? thanks for all the info i appreciate it. i just wanna get these brakes on lol
    thebeast ·
    you will need a custom spacer made as no one makes a spacer specific to our car.
    5x120 10mm or 15mm thick is good. hub diameter is 67.1.
    wheel studs you will have to get from australia since they dont make them here(crazy paul on the other board has them for 140 shipped)
    but if you get lug nuts that thread through the wheel and the spacer, then you may not need studs. But im not really sure. i can get those lug nuts for you locally for 50 plus shipping
    Holloway ·
    hey there, sorry to bother you but i was hoping you could help< i saw you had done the camaro brembo swap i just got my front set and im having major issues fing the wheel spacer for clearance on the stock 19's. 15mm 5x120 lug pattern is correct right??? i tried wheel shop after wheel shop and no one has them. also wondering what legnth studs you used to make sure these wheels stay on. thanks for your time
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