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  • xeyes ·
    Hey Titanws6, still have those caliper brackets by any chance? Just broke a slide pin in mine and its not easy to source a new bracket.


    hdt176 ·
    Hi, I haven't got the wheels yet. I won a set on evilbay
    but the seller pulled the plug on me - said they wouldn't fit.
    Starting to err towards the VMR wheels though.
    Member here 'The Yeti" did a photo shoot off his car and he has the VMR's
    fitted which to me look identical to the Vertini magics, but at a 1/4 of the price.
    Look up the thread if you haven't as yet. There are some hot photo's.
    Cheers, Theo.
    Titanws6 ·
    Yeah, that was me....I was surprised too to ride up on another G8. I could tell right away as I got closer, and then recognized the reflectors right above the exhaust tips. Sweet, I was heading back from Orlando with the wife and dogs, thanks for the racing, I needed it! That was my first time running another G8 too. I just read about the meet up today on here, I'll have to try and make one in the future. I used to have a Formula WS6, but the G is so much nicer.
    mistarnova ·
    is your liscence plate REALWS6? if so i was the MGM gt you were cruising with last night on 75 :p
    i was trying to see if you wanted to stop off for just a minute cause it suprised me to find another g8 from gwinnett down that far south lol, i was meeting up with the GTO's that were wanting to get some meets going in warner robins
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