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  • Alexander ·
    Hey man my messages are messed up and it won't let me see your messages! I'm very interested in the cam, was just curious as to how much hp gain you got from it! Please contact me back on here or if it's better you can text me at 318-880-5818
    Uforacing ·
    The one in Cali is a salvage title/airbag deployed with the light not even reset being sold by someone that um, has communication issues. I had to buy a walk up ticket home years ago in Vegas on a truck.
    Uforacing ·
    That was it. He posted it on the PY pontiac and the grrr8 forums. Deal was done a month ago and I bought the ticket then he sent a PM last week saying he needed it for his wife. The kicker is he is a Police officer and said in the email that since we had no contract the deal was off. My emails say otherwise. Just frustrating.

    I will look at the one in cali. Thanks, Jerry
    bobgto65 ·
    Is this the one that you flew out to look at?


    I contacted him a 3 weeks ago and he sent me all his info on the car but I decided it was too far for me to flu out and drive it back to Maryland.

    Have you looked at this one?


    It was in an accident but if the accident was not serious and if it has a clean title it might be worth looking at. But find someone locally to inspect it for you and then overnight him a small deposit and have him sign a sales agreement contingent on your personal inspection so that you don't go out there for nothing.
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