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  • looneeii ·
    Really? So you're running the Ipad on the deck in the trunk with extension cables??? I'm trying to fit a 9.7 in LCD Touch Screen in the dash space but running out of real estate as I need space for the Folcik HVAC LCD.
    looneeii ·
    Sorry to bother to Nate, just wanted to know if you completely removed the HU in your G8 and ran a separate CarPC? Also in that is you did, did you still require the VIM mod?


    Oneg808 ·
    Whatsup man, I was wondering where I could order that front end conversion you have on your car from? I love it, looks great! Thanks
    YanniG8 ·
    Hello VegasNate,
    Are u from vagas.....
    I'll be coming to Las Vegas in May 18-22
    I would love to see ur car.....
    dutchman ·
    Hello Nate!! I just wanted to say that your passion for modifying you G8 has been a complete success!!! I am in envy of your car and one day hope to have something even half as stunning!!! Keep up the great work!!!


    AUZGTS ·
    Hi Nate,
    I've read with interest the work you have done on the centre console of your G8. I own a 2007 HSV GTS that I recently imported into the UK. I have been looking at integrating an iPad into my car when I stumbled across your posts. Any chance you could get some pictures of your build for me and the parts that you used so I could do this mod to my GTS? I have also been looking at the LCD HVAC control...how has this worked in your car? Any issues?
    PowerHungry65 ·
    Looks GREAT! How did you get the hood HSV badge to stick? The hood has the ridge and the badge was flat, correct? I found a regular Holden Lion's Head badge in the UK from a Holden Astra (3 door hatchback) and it fits fine on the strip between the grills but the ridge is hard to work with when you have a flat badge. Any thoughts?
    Redneck G8 ·
    Hey i was wondering were i could get my side marker lights in the front bumper to be clear and were i could get them at? And do you know anybody that could do custom gauges on the A-pillar and in the top of the center console piece? And i was thinking on some Pedders suspension mods like sway bars, if you could recommend anyhting like that? And some performance mods like nitrous. And was also wondering on the SX front lip spoiler for the G8. If you could help that would be awesome. I have a G8 V6 3.6L LY7 motor.
    owensmat ·
    Hi there,
    I saw your post on the double hump pod. Bummer! I bought one about a week ago. Otherwise, I would have taken advantage of your offer. I had a question for you though. Did you install your gauges? If so, do you have any tips on locationsto run the wires or tips on taking out/putting in the pod, etc. Any tips/suggestions would help. I've never installed a gauge and while I think its within my ability, I wanted to get any tips if I could. Thanks! Matt
    black bart ·
    I recently purchased my G8 GT in Vegas. I'm planning on some Pedders suspension mods in a few months. I was wondering if you could recommend a good shop in Vegas to do the work. I'm new to Vegas, so any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan...
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