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  • Tpaquette ·
    Did you have to roll your rear fenders? I have the camaro rims as well, running 275/35/20 on 20x9 and I'm getting some tire rub.
    njcarlo ·
    hey man. good to meet ya. where did you get your brembos from? i m due for brakes soon and might as well upgrade. not crazy about having to use spacers though...so might need to camaro wheels too! lol it all snowballs ! anyway...keep in touch and let me know how the brakes go.
    GT Ghost ·
    It depends wen and how much u selling them for because I jus got bac to work last week. I was on disability since April. I torn my ACL....... and half to catch up with a lot of bills. So jus let me no wen Ur selling them and how much
    arkeeling ·
    hey whats up man, my names Aaron, i live in jersey also, im thinking slp lts, vararam, and borla cat back... Hows it sound??
    VENOM ·

    I have not yet taken my car with the new tune to the track yet. I have setup a test and tune session here in NJ at Raceway Park at night. Hopefully the car breaks into the 12 second range. No reason it shouldn't.
    Rajin Cajun ·
    Hey man I was thinkin about gettin a vms ecu tune what kinda # you get with your set up. We have the same setup - the tune. you ran it in the quarter yet? thanks Ken
    sykotek-g8 ·
    Yes, please, see if you can get the mid pipe section back! I can pick it up asap. I want to mod my mid pipe and to have a spare in reserve would be awesome. Please please see what you can do!!!


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