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  • EllTee ·
    Hehya ol'Zepper. Pretty funny Grandpa. Haven't really been out here for awhile due to lots of stuff like beach/surfing, beach/surfing, beach/surfing etc. Also alot of 'Sand Surveying' required in my job as you know. Anyway pretty funny Zep. Don't deny it was you either Gramps Zeplin who is full of .... well Led. I'm gonna wait to see who notices. In the meantime I think I'll enjoy a piece of Southern baked pecan pie.-LT
    southerngirlnc ·
    Zep...I do have some more pics...just have to get them on here. Im getting new rotors, cal covers and underglow added hopefully by next week. Hope to take pics of her before the car show to put on here...wanting to take early night pics...should be sweet!! And by the way...nice ride yourself!!
    PBG8 ·
    Hey Zepcom,
    I was wondering if you had the v2 on your g8 at all? Does the J-Pipe quiet down the exaust a lot? Im worried with the v2 setup and the J-pipe, my exaust will become too quiet. I was just wondering if you can compare the v-2 original with the v-2 j-pipe.

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