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  • Hudda ·
    Hi again. Here's a n update on my Android unit.
    I've had many exchanges with China. They provided 1/2dozen software upgrades to fix the HVAC buttons. Each upgrade made no difference.
    I decided to give up, and send the unit back to China for repair.

    I removed the unit from the dash, and as one last test, and plugged it back in, sitting on the foot well. The damn thing worked, the HVAC buttons were responsive.
    I put the unit back in the dash. It's been 2 weeks since, and have had no further fails.

    I can't explain why it now works. It could have been the software upgrades. I suspect that the unit cleared its memory by being disconnected from the car. Don't know, but I'm happy that the thing is working again, as I suspect the cost to return would have been close to the original cost of the unit.

    I hope this helps you. I can probably find a way to provide the software upgrades if you like, but as I said, not sure if this was the fix.
    Good luck.
    Hudda ·
    Hi there. My name's David, and I live in Brisbane Australia.
    I read your summary of the android head unit, having purchased a unit directly from China for my VE Commodore.
    I was wondering if you had any success since the post on the HVAC controls issue.
    I'm suffering the same problem, except I don't get any response from the buttons/dials.
    I've been in discussion with the company, and they have updated the software, but to no avail.
    I believe you've subsequently sold the unit, but am hoping that you have some clues to how to fix this issue.
    Thanks in anticipation
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