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  1. Pontiac G8 Paint Information

    Appearance / Detailing
    I know, right? If I only could've afforded a GXP!
  2. 19" GT Sport wheels for sale.

    Parts for Sale Archive
    Hey, missan nissan, I never got your PM.
  3. Pontiac G8 Paint Information

    Appearance / Detailing
    LOL, way old huh :p Good chart; it's a great way to visualize the color distribution.
  4. Sellers Auto Sport presents the FINAL 2009 G8 Production Breakouts!

    Pontiac G8 News
    Click here for paint code information.
  5. Pontiac G8 Paint Information

    Appearance / Detailing
    Oh, hey no, it was me who came off rude: sorry about that! I didn't mean to be short at all. I appreciate every bit of information that anyone can turn up; it's what keeps this place getting better :)
  6. Pontiac G8 Paint Information

    Appearance / Detailing
    I only see one place on the internet calling 18U/WA354N 'Evoke Pearl' however I do see many, including Holden's website, listing 'Evoke Metallic'.
  7. Complete List of 2009.5 Changes (VS 2009)

    Seller's Auto Sport
    Great list, though I'd love to see more information for each point. For instance, all the new engine parts: are the new parts better parts, just part number changes, or did GM just find a new, cheaper part that, physically/mechanically/performance-wise, is basically the same as the old parts...
  8. Hood gap? Help!

    Tech Lounge
    :worthless: :)
  9. So once I start using synthetic, the OLM is useless, correct?

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I'm with DRCUSTOMPARTS: synthetic every 5000 miles.
  10. Total G8 Sales for July 2009 (THE FINAL NUMBER HERE!)

    Here are a couple of graphs for everyone. GM info for now and comparisons with other automakers coming as soon as I can compile the data.
  11. Omg! Omg! Omg!

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    Congrats on the new ride! Also congrats on getting the best color ;-) You'll love it!
  12. New Stryker Blue Owner

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    Congrats on your new ride :-) Browse around the forum and do a little searching and you'll find lots of input on your questions and lots of other great info. Enjoy!
  13. Pacific Slate with Stripes?

    Appearance / Detailing
    I hope you can find some and post pictures afterwards, I'd love to see that :)
  14. Directv HD?

    You might want to go to this page and make sure you have your dish pointed in the right direction and at the right angle to the ground.
  15. you tell me: maverick silver? or pacific slate?

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I haven't noticed swirl marks on my car really (unless you've got a bright light like the sun at just the right angle, in which case any car would show the same) and the dirt does show some but not as bad as it would on a black car. Of course, I live near the beach and practically in the middle...
  16. Directv HD?

    If you're getting tiling (things get blocky for a second, especially parts of the screen that are changing a lot) then it's almost certainly not your TV or HDMI cable (though you don't ever need $100 HDMI cables, crazy price!). There's a small chance it's your set top box (STB), but mostly it...
  17. Painting a License Plate?

    Appearance / Detailing
    Just looked up in the Florida Statutes and Constitution (my state) where it says: Second degree misdemeanors are punishable with a fine not exceeding $500 and jail time not exceeding 60 days. I imagine the law in your state is probably similar so, yeah, don't do it.
  18. Painting a License Plate?

    Appearance / Detailing
    Almost certainly but I've thought about it too :-p You can check with your local DMV and local law enforcement but I'm almost positive they'll say no way.
  19. Pacific Slate with Stripes?

    Appearance / Detailing
    Anyone? Is Havoc2Wratch's car really the only PSM running around with any stripes on it?
  20. random question!

    Tech Lounge
    I don't know, we still don't have those kind of production breakdowns. The people who provided the info we have right now are supposed to be trying to get us a more detailed picture of the final G8 production.
1-20 of 144 Results