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  1. G8 taillight moisture revisited.......

    Appearance / Detailing
    If you have taken the rear tail light assembly out you will notice the taillight has a space to allow for heat or condensation to dissipate. I would check the foam seal at the back of the light to make sure it seals properly against the inside body panel.
  2. Help in removing stock catalytics

    Tech Lounge
    OK 1/2" chrome swivel with electrical tape on it to keep from bending a lot I assume and a 15mm impact socket. An extension with a breaker bar.
  3. Help in removing stock catalytics

    Tech Lounge
    What is e best way to remove the stock catalytic. The bolts at the top seem to be difficult to get to. A 20" 1/2" extension and a 15mm socket? with a socket swivel? Please let me know if there are any tricks I can do to make removal easier. I am installing Solo High Flow cats. Thanks
  4. A/C and fans

    Tech Lounge
    That sounds plausible. At the time the air temp was 80 degrees. Started the car and turned on the a/c. The air coming through the vents was warm. Drive at about 30 mph for a few minutes and the air is still warm. Stop the car check if fans are running and the fans are still not running yet. Get...
  5. Passenger side headlight

    Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Yes non yellow stained. They can be cleaned but the yellow will always come back. Unless you sand them, clean them and apply a clear coat. Then maybe apply a layer of UV-light protection film. I already have the driver side headlight wanted to get the passenger side to have the set.
  6. Passenger side headlight

    Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Looking for a clean non-yellow passenger side headlight. Has to be in near perfect shape.
  7. Exhaust broke before muffler flex pipe, thoughts

    Exhaust Tech
    The flex pipe is to minimize resonance from the engine. Solo exhaust has the flex pipe in their high flow cats as well. I really am unable to compare the difference with and without a flex pipe. But Solo may have done the testing as they told me using the flex pipe is the more expensive route to...
  8. New C8 Vette

    Hmm 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with 495/470 HP/TQ and the car weighs 3366 lb. sounds fishy to me.
  9. Headliner removal question

    Appearance / Detailing
    Were the seats in the way? What did you do with the passenger seat? Move it all the way up? How much did you bend the headliner to get it out?
  10. Headliner removal question

    Appearance / Detailing
    The foam has deteriorated. That is what is crumbling off. You will need to replace the entire headliner material. Get it replaced at a auto upholstery shop or get the material and put it in yourself if you know how to do it.
  11. soft brake pedal / pedal drops / pedal pump

    Suspension / Brakes
    Here is my theory: you had air in the line(s) You bled the brakes again problem gone.
  12. Solo exhaust clamp bolts

    Tech Lounge
    I don't think mine comes with a nut. It's just 2 bolts that screw into the clamp. Maybe I'll just get band clamps that have stainless bolts and nuts.
  13. Solo exhaust clamp bolts

    Tech Lounge
    Would I need to buy the clamp from Solo? I wonder why they don't make the bolts stainless also.
  14. Solo exhaust clamp bolts

    Tech Lounge
    I have the Solo exhaust and was wondering what size are the clamp bolts on that system. Too lazy to get under the car and remove one of them. I would like to replace them with stainless bolts. Thanks
  15. All weather mats

    Appearance / Detailing
    Yeah one just needs the Weathertechs or similar for the front. They are really called liners. They hold water in and they won't leak when you accelerate or brake and the liner is full of water (a.k.a melted snow). They are the last mats/liners you will buy for winter.
  16. GXP "En Fuego!"

    G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    A fire that starts inside the cabin is always fishy.
  17. Transmission 5L40E??

    Drivetrain Tech
    Torque converter is possibly gone. Not sure about putting it reverse and the car going forward though.
  18. Window molding and belt molding black

    Appearance / Detailing
    Ebay for about 145$ shipped.
  19. Fuel door won't open.....

    Tech Lounge
    Ran into this problem with the fuel door not opening in severe cold conditions (-1F air temp -20F wind chill). Would it be possible to just disconnect the fuel door lock at the connector so it does not lock the fuel door. I could replace the gas cap with a locking cap if one is paranoid about...
  20. Snow, Snow asf!

    That's what my car looks like every day.
1-20 of 164 Results