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  1. Need help!!!

    Tech Lounge
    Yes it does have the original lifters and the have been deactivated, I have white smoke coming out the back when I hit the gas. Could it be a head gasket, I really don't want to take the heads off, car is not over heating , or should I go ahead and change the intake manifold gaskets, once again...
  2. Need help!!!

    Tech Lounge
    The car is a 09 Gt with about 120000 miles. On my way to work, my check engine light came on , so once I made it to work I used my scanner to see wat code popped and it was P0301 (missfire first cylinder). So later that day I changed out all my plugs with new wires and also #1 cylinder coil...
  3. Alternater

    Tech Lounge
    My alternator light came on and now I need to replace it, my question is that it ok to use one that puts out only 120 amp for the replacement?
  4. Tail lights in Maryland!

    Tech Lounge
    Yeah I have to go back to the same inspection station to get a reinspection, I am located in servern park. Just going possibly go the route of get a set of stock lights
  5. Tail lights in Maryland!

    Tech Lounge
    Yes they are, and has it stamped on them, but they are saying that I don't have any rear side markers, but these tail lights have rear reflecters molded into them I am basically in a help hill fight with the inspection station.
  6. Tail lights in Maryland!

    Tech Lounge
    To start I have the Spyder tail lights on my car. Ok , I have had the car for about a year but do to being in the military I have just been able to get and inspection done . I went to get my state inspection done , and failed because of my tail lights. The are not smoked out, they are the clear...
  7. Tail light help needed!!

    Stereo / Electronics
    How's everyone doing, so i have a problem with my tail lights the are the Spyder tail lights. The problem is that when I step on the brake both brake lights work but when I Manuel turn on the lights, only the passenger side works. To check to see if it was something going on with the tail lights...
  8. Spec D / Spyder tail lights

    Appearance / Detailing
    I also have these tail lights and my brake lights have stopped working. Is there no one that has opened these and replaced the LED's in side of them,. If so let me know, it's causing me to fail safety inspection
  9. Best cam install write up

    Tech Lounge
    I am looking for a good cam install write up. I have found one on the GTO side but would like to have one specific to the G8. I plan on keeping afm, I am mechanically inclined , but first time doing something this big. Any help is appreciated
  10. Cam opposition?

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Thank for the info, think for now just going to go the springs and rockers opposition for now. How much power if any did u see from that opposition,also did u have to get a return after?
  11. Cam opposition?

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Wat I means is can I run a other then stock cam without doing a DOD delete,zaà Iwant a lil more power
  12. Cam opposition?

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Just recently got a g8 and want to put a cam in it but found out I am having another kid. Is there any cam oppositions if u have AFM/DOD disable. I can't spend the money to get a DOD delete done right now
  13. DoD delete

    Drivetrain Tech
    Wats going on people, Well I just traded in my GTO and got a G8, I was wondering is there a way for me to tell if the car may already have DoD delete. Thanks in advance
1-13 of 13 Results