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  1. Kilometers or miles on your G8

    Wow pretty low mileage looks like you do not drive it much.
  2. Front windshield

    Has any one in the GTA area replaced there front windshield if so where. What was the approximate cost.
  3. rear bumber rattle on right hand side of tire

    Tech Lounge
    Was a rear knuckle bearing replaced it, fixed the rattle.
  4. New tires for V6

    Wheels / Tires
    New tires I Bought seem to work really well for my V6. Very quiet and stick to the road.https://tiremeetsroad.com/2018/12/03/who-makes-sailun-tires-and-are-they-any-good/. Reviews are not bad.
  5. Snows off this weekend

    For me I just pay 30.00 for the tire shop to do it.
  6. Time for Summer Tires

    Wheels / Tires
    I have read the reviews on both tires they are good tires. For me I went with the general Gmax AS-O5 all seasons since I live in Toronto. I do not think you can go wrong with either tires.
  7. Time to put the gt on the road

    Yes as they got really good reviews. Since my car is cammed these should stick to the road pretty good.
  8. Time to put the gt on the road

    These were cheaper buying these from QUEBEC than from Toronto. With free shipping & getting them in 4 days. IF I bought these from the states they would of cost me at least 100.00 to 150.00 more.
  9. Time to put the gt on the road

    I will be taking off the cover if not today in next few days. I finally got some new treads General max AS-05 should be an improvement from my last set of tires.
  10. General G-MAX AS-05

    Wheels / Tires
    Finally ordered these I should have these soon. Looking forward to put this on my GT.
  11. Winter Blues

    I read some pretty good reviews on them.
  12. Winter Blues

    Good old metric system Thursday it is supposed to be 52 but cool down to 32 on Saturday. I am sure in about a month will be warm enough to take out my GT. One good burnout should take care of my old tires. Looking forward to putting GENERAL G-MAX AS-05 on my car.
  13. Winter Blues

    I took part of my car cover off to look at my GT that has been sitting for almost 3.5 months. Need to get new tires so maybe I nice burnout on the old tires. Since I drive the v6 in the winter feels like a new car once it is on the road.
  14. General g-max as-05

    Wheels / Tires
    I was looking at the Gmax RS today they have some really good reviews, but since I live in Toronto I believe the AS-05 will suit me better. I am going to get these tires since the reviews are pretty positive & at their price point I cannot go wrong.
  15. Headers and Cam

    Just a sound clip.
  16. Headers and Cam

    The cam installed with all of the parts was around 5000.00 including the tune.My cam & springs BT Tooley were the most expensive parts. The headers with high flow cats, X pipe & a bit of custom tubing was around 1600.00.
  17. Headers and Cam

    With parts or labor or both.
  18. Headers and Cam

    Zoro installed my headers I wonder what has changed. Champion did my cam install & tune no complaints.
  19. Sourcing Pontiac G8 parts such as bumper covers

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I got My bumper fixed for under 250.00 welded & painted so maybe I got a deal but it should not cost a lot more than that.
  20. Long time owner, first time poster! Having some small wear/tear issues.

    Appearance / Detailing
    My emblem looks the same on my V6.My interior doors are still in great shape. Mine has 77,000 miles. For the door trim there are auto upholstery places that can fix it that shouldn't be that expensive. You can probably upgrade the stereo unit with the screen, but it will need programing.
1-20 of 199 Results