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  1. Tire reviews--post here

    Wheels / Tires
    Seconded; I was buying a set of 2 Michelins PS A/S3's per season, they had massive grip (even compared to some summer treads) but they wore quickly, thats for sure. A tradeoff but the return on investment was dropping. Michelins aren't cheap either... Ah, joy.
  2. 5th Annual OGOC Lakeview Meet – June 10 2017 @ Mosport

    Yea, i know, I know. I missed a great event this year, sorry everyone! Just ticked 128k freedom miles (that's 206k km for you northerners) on the old beast, still daily driven and still strong as ever. Too bad work has been so busy this year, I would have liked to go to the event. If there...
  3. New to this forum, but have been a period G8 owner for a while.

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Thanks for sharing your story!
  4. Mistake was made

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    This is good.
  5. I'm at my wits end with this stupid car

    Tech Lounge
    Nice! Persistance pays off, good on you for sticking to it and great on RPM to making it right. Now you can frame that drive-cycle printout from the passenger seat as a memory of the headache you went through, but time to remove it from the car. LOL Think time to change post title? If you...
  6. 2014 Chevy SS - 630RWHP

    Cars for Sale
    Amazing!! So Sold then? Close thread? Or ...
  7. 2009 G8 GT – Stryker Blue Metallic 52K

    Cars for Sale
    Awesome alienviking, that is great news. You've had some great fun in that car, and now it is time to pass the torch. What do you have your eye on next? Gonna replace it with anything in particular? (2017 SS ? haha)
  8. OBX installed, need advice

    Exhaust Tech
    Not sure if relevant, but another perspective on "dialing it in" ... If you can grab a friend or two, you guys can all kinda loosen the clamps of the system at all nearly the same time (but not fully disconnected) and then you can maybe use that newfound "play" in the system to pull it around...
  9. It has begun...

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Wow ; I'm playing catch up now but just read Cole's review; that's awesome. I couldn't imagine that much power. Says the guy (me) who has never opened his stock L76 yet. LOL
  10. Ok, guys..here's " my " truth. Re my exhaust debacle.

    Exhaust Tech
    And I'm gonna go ahead and jump in on this convo as well... stock config with stock O2 locations are much more restrictive (assists to heat up the cats quicker as hot cats are the most effective at cleaning the exhaust gasses) as well as much closer to the engine. In contrast, when one upgrades...
  11. Ok, guys..here's " my " truth. Re my exhaust debacle.

    Exhaust Tech
    This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this! :nerd: learned something new today :nerd: --zep
  12. Finally Posting About My Lovely G8...

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Welcome to g8board! As others have said, a solid tune will wake it up as 6 liters should throw you back in your seat when properly equipped. :wink2: My base GT was bought new and daily driven through winters and all through current, just clocked 118k on the odometer but still going strong...
  13. Ok, guys..here's " my " truth. Re my exhaust debacle.

    Exhaust Tech
    Yea, exhaust sounds are subjective; the J-pipes eliminate the deafening loud hum that makes it hard to hold a conversation in the cabin with some exhaust combinations and certain RPM's.... X pipe and resonator delete will surely alter the sound, might be too loud for some, too quiet for others...
  14. 2009 G8 GT – Stryker Blue Metallic 52K

    Cars for Sale
    Seconded; this is a fine example; GLWS!
  15. Anyone in the states want a ute?

    I saw a nice pristine one in Vegas when I went to SEMA one of the years... looked good but unfortunately with no real weight balance, it's not as nice of a performer as the sedan.
  16. Black window trim - Group buy - Northeast

    North East
    Nice!! I bought a set of the lowers and windshield trim a few months ago from ebay, they were quite cheap and look fantastic. Not sure if I feel the long upper is worth $525 but good luck with your group buy on the other forum! I do understand these are nearly impossible to ship which...
  17. New G8 Owner from Pittsburgh

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    I believe there may be an active recall on that car; the brake light position sensor was one of the recalls that my car had done back in 2009, when I talked to my dealer about it they had to reprogram the sensitivity of the rear lights in ratio to the amount of pedal depress. Not sure if that...
  18. New to the Forum!

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Welcome; that looks like quite a bit of work under the hood there... I see some FI under that hood! Welcome to g8board!
  19. Date confirmed for Lakeview Meet 2017

    I hope to make it in the zepcom g8 again this year... for the half that I attended last year (schedule conflict later in the afternoon) I can say it was a fun time and I enjoyed meeting and greeting the other owners once again. My car is not a racecar so it will never see any track time, but I...
  20. Hi all

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Welcome to g8board!
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