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  1. P0304

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Don't you just love that back one on the passenger side? Better than a Denise Austin workout, or yoga with goats. Now that I think about it, may want to do both before changing that one.
  2. Ceramic Coating Completed

    Appearance / Detailing
    My G8 is Coated with Zaino Z5 and my Tacoma is ceramic coated with CQuartz ceramic products. The Zaino Z5 on the G8 looks better than the Taco due to its higher gloss than the ceramic coating. The CQuartz on the Tacoma keeps it cleaner due to the incredible dirt and water sheeting action of...
  3. Key Fob battery, which one?

    Tech Lounge
    Interesting. What does increasing the voltage do? (I've been living under a rock.)
  4. Key Fob battery, which one?

    Tech Lounge
    Wanna buy one before I open the thing. Thanks! Mine lasted since summer of '09. Pretty darn good.
  5. Auto accident insurance questions

    State minimum. Know that by carrying state minimums most insurance companies won't even give you a competitive quote. If you only raised them to say 50,00/100,000 you could get quotes from more companies. Companies award better rates in the form of greater discounts to people who recognize...
  6. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    How many G8's are left? Anybody have the stats?
  7. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    So I drove the Ford Ranger to church this last Sunday. Damn if an M3 came around me from a right turn at a stoplight onto a completely deserted Sunday morning highway. Perfect situation. Had I been in the G8 it wouldn't have happened. Most frustrating thing about these...competition is...
  8. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    Yeah, social media takes time. Time I don't have. I've got too many interests now. MGM is right: I am a dinosaur.
  9. Auto accident insurance questions

    Be happy to. First, let them make you an offer. You want to keep the two transactions separate. So get their best offer first. Then ask how much they want to sell it to you for. Tell them no on the first offer. You haven't let them take it to their salvage yard have you? Bring it home...
  10. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    Yeah, my rear main seal is weeping only enough to discolor the housing under it. One of the reasons I got the lift, but got suspension and brakes to go on too, fuel pump in tank, not to mention needing to turn a new Tacoma Sport into a mall crawler. Tranny's got to come out of the G8 for the...
  11. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    Thanks. Meth lab. Now THAT is funny! You know, it never occurred to me! But now that you mentioned it, HazMat suits are on sale on Amazon for $27, and I've already got the respirators and Allegra D's. I think I just broke BAD!
  12. Auto accident insurance questions

    Lesson learned: Put that much money into a 40 year old truck and you better have a professional written appraisal or you are in for a fight, one that you will tire of and lose in the end. Insurance agent here. Take the money they offer you and move on with your life. Lesson learned. As for...
  13. I'm back! WhoTF are all you people?

    Damn, I guess I oughta' check in more often. You develop other interests, and when you check back in it's like there's been a junta. Did ya'll gather all the guys I knew, march them out and execute them or what? Anyway, I'm still here, still have the MGM, 83K, still driven once a week, to...
  14. DOD Kits... Don't buy the hype!

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Yeah, incomplete parts ruins the fun. If you are not comfortable with the process try spreadsheeting a flow chart of the process. Hyperlink your part info into the flowchart timeline and notate those that you have and those that you still need. Same for special tools. Then post it up for...
  15. Battery dead, locked inside car question

    Tech Lounge
    On an OBDII system can you power up the car enough to unlock the door through the accessory port using a battery "jumping" device that has a cigarette lighter power out? Or must you connect it through the OBDII port? I'm thinking of giving my daughters one of these for Christmas for this...
  16. Finally done detailing.

    G8 Talk (V6)
    Awesome job. It is amazing how well pampered G8's can be rubbed and buffed to look better than new ten years hence. You the man.
  17. The grand total of G8 spottings on vacation is....

    2200 mile vacation to Gatlinburg. Saw 2. Interestingly, we saw three Ferraris. Are there more Ferraris in the US than G8's? One of the two G8's we saw was about as far back up in the Smoky Mountain National Park as you can get, WAY back up in the forest. Same grey G8 as mine. And he was...
  18. cant post

    Community Help
    WHat is up with that?
  19. Piston damaged?

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Ditto on the carbon build-up. After having to buy a new outboard powerhead back in the 90's I started using a product from Yamaha called Ring-Free. I prefer it to SeaFoam.
  20. Piston damaged?

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    You did the right thing taking it to a machine shop. That piston was a hand grenade with the pin removed: it was only a matter of time before it got real ugly and expensive. While it won't be cheap, it will be right, and without the drama of a more expensive detour. Give yourself a pat on the...
1-20 of 198 Results