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  1. Pontiac G8 V6 70,000km

    Cars for Sale
    Hi Guys I'm looking to sell my Ponitac G8 with only 70k details below: Location: near Toronto Ontario Canada It has had regular maintence and oil changes every 10k with Mobile 1 full synthetic. The vehicle just rolled 70k and it is in beautiful condition. Upgrades/Maintenance: K&N cold air...
  2. Intermittent Rubbing Noise In Passenger Wheel Well

    Tech Lounge
    I still can't seem to figure it out. I ended up testing without the pads, it was alright. I did find a bad tie rod end on the side and replaced my front brakes. I was hoping that was going to fix it and it seems it helped. There seems to be only a small amount of feedback now which I can deal...
  3. Pop and white smoke

    V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Could the radiator hose popping off caused coolant to spill into the intake some how?
  4. Intermittent Rubbing Noise In Passenger Wheel Well

    Tech Lounge
    Didn't realize it was mounted to the spindle too, Ill pull the pads out and check them this weekend. Thanks for the help, Ill let you know what happens this weekend.
  5. Power Steering Leak?

    Tech Lounge
    I would assume power steering too. Probably obvious but have you check to see if the power steering fluid is low? Have you taken a look at the pump to see if its wet, id probably check the rack too. Could the ATF be hitting the belt and flying around?
  6. Intermittent Rubbing Noise In Passenger Wheel Well

    Tech Lounge
    I was thinking that might be an issue. Usually wheel bearing present in a much louder more consistent noise. I did the 9 and 3 shake test to see if there is any play and right now there is none. In early January I hit a curb on the passenger side and bent a lower control arm (rim and tire was...
  7. Intermittent Rubbing Noise In Passenger Wheel Well

    Tech Lounge
    Hi All, I'am just looking for some insight on an issue I am having with my nearly stock V6 G8. There seems to be a rubbing noise that is off and on again coming from the passenger side wheel well. The noise sounds like light metal on metal contact. The noise happens about every 5 seconds...
  8. Need V6 G8 Exhaust advice

    Exhaust Tech
    rockinlespaul anyway you could post a video clip of the X-pipe by itself and then the mufflers if you do get them? I was looking at the same setup just up in the air about it still. Thanks!
  9. Door seal interchangeability?

    Tech Lounge
    Although it is an old thread I am just wondering if it did indeed stop the wind noise? I am currently having the same issue.
  10. New G8 Owner

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Just Introducing Myself on the Forums I recently purchased a Stock Grey 2009 Pontiac G8 Base Model with 35,000 KM. This will be my first car owner group and forum; I am looking forwards to exploring more.:smile2:
1-10 of 10 Results