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  1. Parts for Sale
    Hi All: Ordered the parts two years ago but never assembled, not sure you can get them individually anymore. Great for the DIYer. Assembling these with a cable will give you access to your audio and video feed for the rear aux. Many DIY threads to help with assembly. Selling all as one. $25...
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    Hey guys! This is going to be my first walk-through tutorial on this board so bare with me a bit. So if you guys are anything like me you've been wanting autopairing with bluetooth audio for your car ever since you got it (works for both 2008 and 2009). So me being a bit of a DIY guy wanting a...
  3. Stereo / Electronics
    Here's where I am so far. I have the following products that I will be installing today. 2 Kicker CompVR 8" 4 ohms subs (Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS) 400/200) in the back deck (free air). I have a choice of two amps, either a Rockford Fosgate R150-2 Prime 150 Watt 2-Channel...
  4. Stereo / Electronics
    So I was poking around on Monoprice's website tonight and came across a new product they have on their site that is just a simple Bluetooth receiver. I don't really want to spend the $$ and effort to buy a new Onstar module just to get Bluetooth. I ordered a Bluetooth receiver from Monoprice...
  5. Stereo / Electronics
    I have a 2008 G8 base model. On the screen it shows the bass, but next to the word "bass" it has "STD" and its not highlighted in red like all the others.
  6. Stereo / Electronics
    Besides adjusting the speakers on the screen, is there a box in the trunk on the V6 model that I can adjust?
  7. Stereo / Electronics
    If so, where is it located?
1-7 of 8 Results