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  1. Exhaust Tech
    Hey guys, I'm going to install my new headers and hi flow cats on the weekend. I have a aussie 2009 hsv E2 senator which is a high performance Pontiac g8. I've got a decent idea on how to install them but have a few questions; Will I have to relocate my transmission lines? Apparently on the...
  2. Cars for Sale
    Time to part with it - need to cover some unexpected obligations! Likely the lowest mileage GXP around! All original except I put a Borla exhaust on it to give it a nicer sound, but I still have the original stainless exhaust system that goes with it. NEVER DRIVEN IN RAIN. Original owner, have...
  3. Cars for Sale
    Perfect Job vs Perfect Car I bought this car in June of a member here Ron. It may have been listed. My work is opening office back in Australia and I have been tasked to start it up. Unfortunately I cannot take the car with me based on Import restrictions so Im having to regrettably sell. Price...
  4. Cars for Sale
    2009.5 Pontiac G8 GXP #1761 of 1829 produced 1 of 333 Maverick Silver Metallic 1 of 96 Maverick Silver Metallic with Auto, Sunroof, & Onyx interior Current mileage 37,xxx Purchased in 2011 from original owner with 22k miles. Original owner was located in TX, owned 2 GXPs, his dad had 2...
  5. Midwest
    Hey gents and ladies, I'm new to the Chicago area and was hoping to find a few people to round up, grab a few drinks and go to the Chicago Auto show, any takers? Promise I'm not that desperate, just thought it would be a kick ass way to meet people that know a hell of a lot more about cars than...
  6. North Western
    Anyone headed to the show? I plan on going either later today or tomorrow. Here is the website: www.portlandautoshow.com X
1-6 of 8 Results