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  1. Autocross / Road Course Racing
    I took the GXP out yesterday after a new set of RE-11 tires and a more focused alignment were placed on the car and WOW.. Good times. I was able to squeeze out 1st place in F-stock over a couple of other drivers that were there yesterday, a 2011 Mustang GT and a older model Camaro. Someone...
  2. Autocross / Road Course Racing
    I have uploaded to YouTube a 9 minute film clip of a recent SCCA autocross event at Gateway International Raceway. I run a 2009 G8-GT that is showroom stock, summer tires. You can see a little body roll compaired to the Mustangs that I run against. This is my first year of autocrossing and...
  3. South East
    I've been looking around for a few hours and haven't anything about any Autocross sessions here in Miami. Does anyone know if there's any events or places that you can autocross here?
1-3 of 4 Results