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  1. Exhaust Tech
    I just installed a pair of solo axlebacks on my 09 GT and while I had them out I weighed the stock mufflers and solo j pipes to see if there was any considerable weight savings and this is what I found. The stock rear mufflers weigh 20.6 lbs each and the solo axlebacks weigh 12.8 lbs each. This...
  2. Exhaust Tech
    I picked up a set of GXP axlebacks last weekend for a deal. They're immaculate and Ive always wanted to try a set out on my GT. I pulled off my Pypes axlebacks, put these on and.......was a little disappointed in how quiet they are. My setup: Stock motor CAI Cortex (DOD disabled) OEM...
  3. Exhaust Tech
    After a long time of anticipating the install my headers finally came in Thursday. Last night my brother in law and I decided to tackle the job. Took almost 5 hours with a good 45 min break and a run to the part store. Driver side O2 was going to be the death of me last night! Took a good 45...
  4. Exhaust Tech
    Any update on the proposed axlebacks from Solo Performance Exhaust?
  5. North East
    Does anyone have any type of Axle-Backs in WNY? I am looking for a decent pair but was hoping to hear them before I buy them.... Thanks
1-5 of 9 Results