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  1. DIY: Bluetooth Audio w/ Raspberry Pi

    Stereo / Electronics
    Hey guys! This is going to be my first walk-through tutorial on this board so bare with me a bit. So if you guys are anything like me you've been wanting autopairing with bluetooth audio for your car ever since you got it (works for both 2008 and 2009). So me being a bit of a DIY guy wanting a...
  2. Noobie - help me understand the radio options - need bluetooth

    Stereo / Electronics
    Hi everyone. I'm still in research mode. So it looks like there are three radio options: 1 Has knobs and buttons and a small screen at the top of the dash 2 is the "premium" radio with the large display screen 3 is the 2009.5 with the same premium radio and a Bluetooth module built into OnStar...
  3. Fyi- onstar upgrade includes? Bluetooth!

    Stereo / Electronics
    Hi guys! Got my onstar upgrade yesterday. Just out of curiosity I tried to pair my phone, and the Bluetooth worked! I have an early 2009 without factory bluetooth. All functions seem normal and pairs excellently. Let me know if yours worked too!
  4. Bluestar/Costar Questions

    Stereo / Electronics
    Ive done some reading on other threads about the Costar/Bluestar units. Are there different models (older vs newer)? I thought I have seen a II and a 2010 model? What model do I need to purchase for a 09 GT? There is a way to stream music from an Iphone6 right? Can you stream an alternative...
  5. Help with mirroring phone + touchscreen

    Stereo / Electronics
    Hey guys, new to the forum. I just bought my G8 V6( sigh, i know, i know) about two weeks ago and began browsing the forum for some ideas for bluetooth. Then I saw the whole touchscreen mod demon8designs is no longer able to produce and that idea has driven me crazy. I searched extensively to...
  6. Bluetooth, cruise control and remote start not working

    Stereo / Electronics
    So I'm a new guy here.. just got my 09 GT this past saturday. A few things I've noticed so far, is that my cruise control isn't working, the remote start isn't working and I can't get the onstar system to recognize that I want to pair my phone to the car. I think I may know why the cruise...
  7. PLEASE HELP! Bluetooth Retrofit problem

    Stereo / Electronics
    I have a 2009 G8 GT in which I had White Auto convert a VCIM I provided to them back in Feb. They sent it back and it worked fine for months. Recently I noticed that when I press the steering wheel button to answer a call, the Bluetooth starts and then stops, starts then stops. Please check...
  8. NEW : Holden IQ for G8 , PHONE Bluetooth/AD2P,IPod,IPhone,USB and Backup camera !

    NEW in testing Just some pictures for now (in My 2008 G8). Feel free to ask questions, but I won’t have much detail until the weekend. for all price and time and availability, please contact JHP office directly http://www.jhp.com.au/g8partsdirect/email.htm because i can't make them work on...
  9. Bluetooth option with this Onstar Box Part 20787107

    Stereo / Electronics
    I bought a BT enabled box off ebay with this PN 20787107 I replaced my non BT Onstar box, with this, started the car, hit phone button and viola: "Bluetooth Ready". I was able to pair my iPhone and make calls....pretty cool. It works the same as the BT in my Suburban. Phone # shows up in...
  10. Possible VERY cheap Bluetooth option ($25)

    Stereo / Electronics
    So I was poking around on Monoprice's website tonight and came across a new product they have on their site that is just a simple Bluetooth receiver. I don't really want to spend the $$ and effort to buy a new Onstar module just to get Bluetooth. I ordered a Bluetooth receiver from Monoprice...
  11. Swapping Bluetooth Module with 09 Cobalt

    Stereo / Electronics
    I have a 2009 GT and would really like to have factory Bluetooth. My sister got a 2009 Cobalt a few months back and has no use for Onstar or Bluetooth. I read somewhere the the Cobalt modules were compliant to get reflashed to work in the G8s. Could I potentially swap my Onstar module with...
  12. OnStar, BlueTooth, Etc.

    G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    The purpose of this thread is to discuss OnStar, and specifically the OnStar implementation in the GXP, which includes BlueTooth. Please only post in this thread if you wish to have a purely technical discussion about how OnStar works, how Bluetooth works, and how they work together with the...
  13. Bluetooth Receiver Installed

    Stereo / Electronics
    For those of you that want to play any media from your device, e.g., android phone, iphone, or any bluetooth capable device, here's what i did. Materials: Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver DIY rear aux audio cables (found on the other forum) approx $4 This 5v Regulator It's Pretty simple...
  14. Adapting a power adapter

    Stereo / Electronics
    Hey guys, i'm trying to get power to THIS from a 12volt source in the car. The thing says 5v 180mA, it comes with a regular house adapter but i need power from behind the radio. I know where to get the power and i know how wire stuff into this car but i'm not much of an electronics engineer...
  15. 2009 G8 Bluetooth: Revisited

    Tech Lounge
    Hi All, I know this topic has been hammered pretty hard on these forums, and I've read quite a bit of it, but I'm still in the dark about how to do this. I have a 2009 G8 V6 (VIN 1XXXXX), one that apparently does not come stock with bluetooth. Can some one provide me with a quick and concise...
  16. Costar Bluestar 2010 for SALE

    Parts for Sale Archive
    I've decided to sell my CoStar Bluestar 2010 handsfree (Onstar replacement) Bluetooth module. I have the first generation Android G1 phone, and this phone does not support the advanced 'voice dialing' BT features that I was hoping to use with this BlueStar unit. CoStar technologies came out...
  17. I Want Factory BlueTooth. What Do I Need?

    Tech Lounge
    I have a 2009.1 GT with a subscription to OnStar, and would love to keep that functional and just add the factory bluetooth feature that the 2009.5 G8's have. So what do I need? I'd like to just walk into the Parts Dept and say "I need part number _____". :wiggle:
  18. Who has Bluetooth with there ONSTAR?

    Stereo / Electronics
    :confused:I just want to know who has Bluetooth with there onstar when they took delivery of there G8? I was told that There are zero factory G8's with Bluetooth installed on delivery. "L3" cars? Who has one of these L3 cars, (L3 in the VIN), and do you have Bluetooth?:banghead:
  19. HELP! Bluetooth problem

    Stereo / Electronics
    My G8 GXP has OEM bluetooth installed. Everything was going fine using my blackberry through the car speakers. Then one day, something happened and the audio doesn't go through. I can get the system to follow my commands but once the call is placed, the person on the other end can't hear me...
  20. New G8 GT sales guy said it had bluetooth...doesnt :-(

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I bought a new G8 GT yesterday. I love the car, but the salesman told me the the car had bluetooth and today when i tried to pair my phone...it doesnt. I called the dealership and am waiting for the sales manager to call me back. What would they have to do to equip it, change out the...