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  1. Canada
    OK, boys & girls, as Jay (Karlhungus), Scott (scmcc16), Les and others have been pointing out, it's time for another OGOC (Ontario G8 Owners Club) event! :D So, we've decided to set up a second 'locked in' date/meet. This will give us two anchor events that happen at either end of the...
  2. Wheels / Tires
    No intention to duplicate any existing threads, since I didn't find one quite the same as my question. I am in Canada (Ontario) and have a base model G8 (V6) with the factory 18" rims. I have a second set of rubber plus steel for winter. I am planning on getting new rubber for the summer...
  3. Canada
    Hi Folks, I just joined the G8Board tonight and this is my first post to a forum ever! I just picked up my Liquid Red G8 GT (1SD) on Friday, and I am already in love. What an amazing car, a total blast to drive! My car was the last GT 1SD left in Ontario (I live in the GTA - Pickering to...
1-3 of 6 Results