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carbon fiber
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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    Well after my post of how to take these silver suckers out and having a super quick reply by Ivie-G8 i was out just pulling on them to come out. Thanks to that reply thread that was left I figured out the back vent plates came off too! along with the middle piece! haha Well as a first time ever...
  2. Appearance / Detailing
    Here Is my White Hott G8 GT with 3M Carbon Fiber wrap.. Everything that is wrapped includes... -Hood -Roof -Trunk Lid -Door handles -Mirror's -Fender's
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    So far the only mod I've done the G8... Couldn't stand the look of the stockers, and didn't care for the others out there for the same reason (and didn't want to cross-brand with any Holden / HSV stuff), so I got these made:
  4. Appearance / Detailing
    i know alot of you think CF is for Ricers only, but i think on the HotWhite and Panther Black Metallic, and even the Silver, it would look amazing, does anyone know of any companys making ANYTHING carbon fiber for our G8's? and im not talking about INTERIOR wraps either...
  5. Appearance / Detailing
    Technology, it’s a wonderful thing. We can produce rocks that look just like diamonds, create a symphony of music using only our desktop computer, and yes, we can turn auto trim pieces into carbon fiber wannabe’s. Can you see where I’m going with this? A person would think that when the title...
1-5 of 6 Results