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  1. Suspension / Brakes
    I started getting a right-front "clunk" over low-speed bumps, and from Googling it seems like the most likely culprit is the strut mount(s). There isn't any play up-down or side-side in the wheel, and I gave each of the suspension arms and links a good shaking and they all seem tight. The one...
  2. Suspension / Brakes
    I called Gm warrenty about my front suspention clunk over small bumps.I have brought it in several times to no avail. Heres what they have done and parts changed. 1st front brake pins 2nd the fr lower control arms 3rd rear lower control arms 4th right strut and colapsed mount 5th left strut...
  3. Drivetrain Tech
    Just trying to get a feel for whose tuned/untuned and if you're experiencing tranny issues. If you answered other, please specify in your post.
1-3 of 3 Results