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  1. Drivetrain Tech
    I was looking on Amazon for a possible replacement for my PCM4less cooler and saw this AC Delco one for damn cheap. One of the reviews says its the same body as the B&M 70266. Its listed as an aux kit for some of the early 90s chevy pickups and suburbans. I just can't really find any specs on...
  2. Drivetrain Tech
    In the middle of my cam swap and I pulled the transmission cooler lines off the radiator, and one of those damn wire clips shot up out of the engine bay halfway across the garage. I don't like my odds of finding it. Can I get this at Autozone or Advance, or is a trip to the dealer needed...
  3. Drivetrain Tech
    As the title says, I am adding a cooler, stall and I am going to replace the filter/fluid. I just wanted to have you all double check my thought process. I was planning on filling the cooler and stall, replacing the filter, and filling like it was warm/running as instructions state. Since I...
  4. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Hey guys, as the title says... I'm looking to buy your trans cooler. Please msg me with what you guys have avail.
1-4 of 4 Results