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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    Hi there, so me and a friend have the idea of making our own real carbon fiber front fenders. Especially since both of our cars being hard to find/rare. He has some experience making CF parts & I've always had an interest in making CF parts. So with this being a new project we both decided to...
  2. Wheels / Tires
    Does anyone know of any shops in the Michigan area (or "fairly" close to MI) where I can get some custom wheels made?
  3. Wheels / Tires
    Got my new wheels installed a few days ago, thoughts? Next mod on the list is some type of lowering springs. Any suggestions? Wheels are 19"x8" TSW Nurburgrings squared custom powdercoated gloss black, don't remember offset.
  4. Stereo / Electronics
    Friends, I know most of you guys won't care to read about this, because not only does this mod not make you go faster, but it simply adds weight, but keep reading anyway, its going to be kick a$$. A short background. As a kid I loved working on car stereos, in my first car I installed, of...
  5. Appearance / Detailing
    I really need to get some good pics taken, but this has been my latest endevour into HSVing my G8. Fenders! I had to build them myself.
  6. Vendor Deals
    Save 10% on custom fit, "fits like a glove" Coverking car covers this week at PFYC - PartsForYourCar! Use promo code GARAGEIT until March 8, 2013 to save big. This week, we're offering 10% off any custom fit Coverking car cover. Multiple colors and options are available with each cover. The...
  7. Stereo / Electronics
    I soldered into the wiring just out past the harness and ran the speaker wires to the rear to a lcq-1/amp set up. Then rewired back to the speakers. I noticed that at a certain volume the speakers would pop very loudly. I spent a whole evening changing rcas, speaker wires etc. I think I have...
  8. Appearance / Detailing
    HEY GUYS JUST FINISHED PAINTING MY INTERIOR, ENGINE COVERS, FUSE PANEL, AND HEAT SHIELD ON HOOD. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/2924/20120517201236.jpg http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/705/20120517201251.jpg...
  9. Appearance / Detailing
    First design first test run of functionality.....needs some adjustment, finishing and paint....comments???
  10. Appearance / Detailing
    #018 of first 888 "Holden Aces" Performance Mods - Roto-Fab CAI and Radiator Cover Kooks 1 7/8" Mid Length Headers 3" Race Cats DMH Low Profile Electric Cut-outs Magnaflow Cat-back System Custom GM Engineering PCM and TCM Tune Billet Prototypes Oil Catch Can Front and Rear CrossDrilled and...
  11. Appearance / Detailing
    So heres wht i wanna do. I wanna take the grill insert out (plenty of threads to figure that out). The question i have is has anyone tried to paint the inserts before or is that like a no-no. The plan is to take them out and leave the front face of the honeycome black and paint everything else...
  12. Appearance / Detailing
    Im interested in getting a new front arrowhead for my white hot g8, I'm probably going to end up getting just a vinyl decal to put over the existing one tho.. But before I do anything, i just wanted to see what other people have done. so POST AWAY! :driving:
  13. Appearance / Detailing
    Hey guys, Im finished with the mold for a Custom Underhood liner for our G8's Need to know the interest in something like this. Will replace underhood liner with a aluminum liner wrapped in your choice of color vinyl with pre-made or custom logo. Pics of mine on my car will be posted soon...
  14. Appearance / Detailing
    Check this out!!! I just had my armrest re-covered in leather by my local upholstery shop. The center section is leather which is stitched to vinyl on each side and then attached to the existing cover with glue and staples. The sides are vinyl because leather is too thick to allow it to be...
1-14 of 20 Results