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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    Hi there, so me and a friend have the idea of making our own real carbon fiber front fenders. Especially since both of our cars being hard to find/rare. He has some experience making CF parts & I've always had an interest in making CF parts. So with this being a new project we both decided to...
  2. Drivetrain Tech
    Hey all first post here, anyways. I have an 09 g8 GT with the 6L80E. When I bought the car it had no trans mods except for a Vigilante 3200 stall torque converter in it. Shortly after buying it that converter blew and took the trans with it! so I then took the trans and had it rebuilt and...
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    I have a 2009 G8 base model and my headliner was sagging so I decided to replace it. As I was taking it down I see that all the wiring was glued to the backing board and on both the drivers side and passengers side there was about an inch and a half of the backing that was broken off running...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Hi All: Ordered the parts two years ago but never assembled, not sure you can get them individually anymore. Great for the DIYer. Assembling these with a cable will give you access to your audio and video feed for the rear aux. Many DIY threads to help with assembly. Selling all as one. $25...
  5. Stereo / Electronics
    I retrofitted my Spec-d headlamps with Morimoto Retro-quik lights. I really liked the look of the LED running strip but a lot of people have said the projectors that come with them really suck. So here's my DIY process of adding projectors to these headlamps. Here's the tools i used...
  6. Stereo / Electronics
    Hi Guys, A feature that most newer vehicles are starting to get into is hiding a wireless charger under a console somewhere (usually in centre console in trucks). This is where the idea was born! Materials 1. 12v to 5v converter w/micro USB out, AKA Buck Converter, many models out there :12v...
  7. Stereo / Electronics
    I'm new to the DIY of car audio, I have been looking everywhere and I can't find how to remove the rear subwoofers, if the back panels just come off, or what the easiest way to do it would be, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  8. G8 Talk (V6)
    Getting ready to hit 60k in my '08 G8 v6. Haven't had a coolant flush yet so I wanted to do one here soon for the spring. Is this something that can be done myself or should I take it in? Thanks!
  9. V6 Engine Tech (LY7)
    Greetings all. I'm planning on changing the oil on my 08 G8 (v6) next week and would like to get a look at a DIY thread or if someone could offer a quick walk through? If anyone can help with a walk through of the process, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers!
  10. Suspension / Brakes
    Alright, so I know a lot of you guys on here used to have a grand prix before upgrading and my brother in law is working on his rear calipers and is having a hell of a time getting the E-brake apparatus off. Does anyone know on here how to get the E-brake cable off the caliper so he can change...
  11. Technical Articles & DIY
    This is a trivial post to many, but important for beginner DIYers.. So, I searched the forums the others day with no luck on how to remove that back vent. It is a MUST do if you are doing your own stereo upgrade. 1. There are 2 peices of trim on the top and the bottom of the vents. you can use...
  12. Appearance / Detailing
    I want to paint it black, but first how do you remove it? Is it just those two bolts on eat side?
  13. Appearance / Detailing
    Like most of us here, I had many paint chips on my car after 30,000 miles on my car. Last weekend, I decided to fill in some paint chips on my car, sand it, clear coat, and polish it to like new condition. I took some pics along the way, and I've got a little video to demonstrate how I sprayed...
1-13 of 18 Results