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  1. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    I was at a cars and coffee recently and saw they had a drive up dyno. I decided to see what the 'ol daily driver/winter beater makes. Turns out, not too shabby. 550whp :grin2:
  2. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    My 09 g8 gt is going on the dyno this weekend.. any guesses what she will make?? MODS: ASA cam, longtubes, 3.90 gears and obviously DOD has been deleted
  3. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    So first off, my car: 2009 G8 GT, 35,000 miles, and daily driven 70 miles a day round trip to work, 90% freeway. Full OBX exhaust from 1 7/8 long tube headers, to the factory GT mufflers, no cats. Used stock GTO intake tube for free flow, factory air box, K&N filter. Wideband O2 to tune with HP...
  4. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    Powerhaus Performance I had an excellent experience at Powerhaus Performance in Gloucester City, Jersey yesterday. I drove up with my buddy to get our G8's dyno'd and tuned by Roshan. Its a fairly new shop, open about a month but its already full of nice cars and the owners are well known and...
  5. Multimedia
    Hi Guys Here is the first stock Z06 with our FDFI2300 Supercharger on the dyno. Trofeo Motorsport Z06 makes a lazy 700hp & 700ft/lb. Harrop FDFI2300 S/C Z06 Dyno Run http://youtu.be/-Kom4ubmfXE Have you ‘Liked us’ on Facebook yet? facebook.com/harropperformance. For more info on our...
  6. Exhaust Tech
    I am really liking the idea of the Doug Thorley LT's and am probably going this route when i do headers in the spring. After searching both forums there isn't really much feedback on these headers. I really want to see Dyno #'s and owners opinions after X amount of miles with them on your car...
  7. G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    This may be a dupe, but I wanted to share my dyno results. 393HP/391lb·ft at the wheels. This is after Roto-Fab intake and tune at A&A Corvette in Oxnard, CA. http://youtu.be/9LVjKGxnai4
  8. North Western
    Did some pulls at a new shop in the East Bay, CA. Gasoline Dreamz Performance. I kind've stumbled across them while doing some work at the shop and I hear this freakishly loud WHITE ZO6 scream by. I think it's putting down atleast 700rwhp. I've never seen a White ZO6 before. SUpeR SexY! After a...
  9. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    After all the crazy drama about WickedG8GT's post this week, I just noticed another G8 Dyno thread by Livernois Motorsports over on LS1tech. Not sure if you're allowed to post links or not, but I'll try...
  10. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    Just had my car Dyno Tuned at Automotion in Louisville, Ky by Rob Raymer. I'm really happy with the results! Thought I would share them with you guys. I had it Raymer Tuned a couple weeks ago before I removed the cats and installed a 160 thermostat. On the Base Pull with only the DOD shut off...
  11. North Western
    I know you guys already have a cruise planned on Saturday, April 25th, but for anyone who is not attending that event I wanted to extend an invitation to attend the dyno day the NorCal Goats are having at Newtech the same day. We've still got room for a few more cars to do some pulls. Nick is...
1-11 of 14 Results