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  1. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    I am putting on a new power steering pump and reservoir. Do I need to put a new power steering filter on too? If so, does anyone know the part #
  2. Parts for Sale
    I sold one of my G8's a couple of months ago. Just now getting around to clearing out the garage. All parts are from a G8 GT. I have a Roto-Fab CAI with an oiled filter in pretty good condition. I have all the parts and instruction booklet. I also have an engine cover with a few minor...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Hey all, Unfortunately I got rid of the G8 this week but I took some of my goodies off to pass onto you guys. First up: PENDING! 4 TSW Nurburgring's (19X8 5-120 35) with tires and TPMS sensors: SOLD shipped. These will fit stock 19" wheels or any of our cars without spacers or anything as...
  4. North Western
    19" wheel & tire, OEM and more thanks!!! :driving:
  5. Intake/Fuel Tech
    I had a Vararam on my old car and it needed cleaning easily every 2 months or less (it sucked in bugs/dirt plus air..not past the filter though). I was wondering if the Roto let you go longer without cleaning?
  6. V6 Engine Tech (LY7)
    Not sure how long this has been on the market, but I think it's relatively new. Ran into it looking for filters for the car. KN cai part number 63-3072 for the V6. http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=63-3072 Seems to compare pretty well to the roto fab. Anybody have any...
  7. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    And being my car has 15k miles, I went to the dealer and they checked the pollen filter......it was plugged pretty bad. Changed that for the cost of 53 bucks.......and A/C works awesome again......just a mention in case someone ever experiences it.
  8. Intake/Fuel Tech
    Has anyone tried a simple K&N oiled drop-in filter in their GT? Have you noticed any difference in power or sound? Before anyone says it, I do plan on doing a full intake this summer, but when the weather's a little colder I'd like to use the stock intake to keep the charge a little warmer and...
1-8 of 9 Results