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  1. Drivetrain Tech
    For those that did the 6l90 swap on the g8, did you guys use the 6l90e out of a ctsv or zl1? Does it even matter? I have a ctsv transmission I got for 600 dollars in great conditions. I was told that it would not work with the g8 though. That the transmission has to come from a zl1. Any input...
  2. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    Looked at this g8 today and it was super clean besides a couple of things. Newer headers into custom exhaust, power steering seems to be going out, steering wheel vibrates and shakes around 45 mph. Not too worried about exhaust because i was going to get an exhaust anyways but the pipes are...
  3. Forum Rules/Guidelines/FAQ
    Hi! Looking for Paddle Shifter Kit for Husbands 50th Birthday. Read somewhere to contact John Faust. Anyone know how to get a hold of him or anyone that would have more info on how I can find and purchase one?
  4. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    I am putting on a new power steering pump and reservoir. Do I need to put a new power steering filter on too? If so, does anyone know the part #
  5. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    Hi y’all, just wondering how to set up VE tables on the old 09 G8 GT. Been curious as to where to find it since I’ve started modding and tuning it. Any suggestions would be nice to hear.
  6. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    I have been around for a bit browsing but not an active contributor. Here are my two G8's - 2009.5 G8 GT - 2009 G8 GT Firehawk - 10,900K Miles Car #4 - Alive and well in Pittsburgh, PA Moving to Tampa in September
  7. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    Hey everyone. I bought another G8! This time its a 2008 GT. I found it on FB. A small dealer bought it from an auction not running, engine half disassembled. He was going to sell it to a junk yard if no one took it because he doesn't have time for it, so I figured I try and save it from death...
  8. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Car is in storage right now, but when I get it back in the spring I plan to update my dyno tune a bit. After getting the car tuned, I was surprised that the cam didn't lope as much compared to others with the same cam. My initial though is that maybe its idling too high (around 650-700 I think)...
  9. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    I was at a cars and coffee recently and saw they had a drive up dyno. I decided to see what the 'ol daily driver/winter beater makes. Turns out, not too shabby. 550whp :grin2:
  10. Cars for Sale
    I'm listing my Pontiac G8 GT for sale. Price $17,000 obo, located in Cedar Rapids, IA. 2009 G8 GT White Hot, I'm 2nd owner, 91,000 miles. I bought it in March of 2011. Car driven in nice-weather only, garaged Nov-Apr under cover. No accidents, clean car-fax(see link below), and I have the...
  11. Cars for Sale
    I am the original owner of this 2009 PBM G8 GT, all options, black on black. Car is in great condition. Compliments everywhere I go. I have never taken it in a car wash. Adams products only to keep it looking great. No pets and no kids and never smoked in. Interior is flawless. No rips...
  12. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    My 09 g8 gt is going on the dyno this weekend.. any guesses what she will make?? MODS: ASA cam, longtubes, 3.90 gears and obviously DOD has been deleted
1-12 of 63 Results