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  1. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    No longer looking.
  2. Exhaust Tech
    I’ve been dragging my feet for the last year on whether to upgrade my exhaust, and I think the time is coming to do so! My main concern now is making sure I don’t do something way too loud (I do want it to scream at WOT though). I have an x-pipe with solo axlebacks currently, and I’ve seen some...
  3. Exhaust Tech
    Hey guys, I'm going to install my new headers and hi flow cats on the weekend. I have a aussie 2009 hsv E2 senator which is a high performance Pontiac g8. I've got a decent idea on how to install them but have a few questions; Will I have to relocate my transmission lines? Apparently on the...
  4. North Western
    I've been looking in to headers and feel confident there, but unsure as to what the best move is for a tune. Options seem to be - 1. Purchase a tuning device and get an emailed tune from one of the reputable tuners (e.g. Pat G). 2. Go to a local tuning shop with good reviews. The downside...
  5. Exhaust Tech
    First off I know this topic has been beaten to death and I should have expected this from cheap headers but things are what they are and i'm trying to make the best of it. So I installed my headers last weekend and everything went "basically" smooth except for the steering shaft, this damn thing...
  6. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    does anybody here know about this was looking into purchasing but id figured i came here and asked yall for some pros and cons how is the sound about this beforepurchase. TIA
  7. Exhaust Tech
    My exhaust mods consist of Solo axle-backs and an x-pipe, and additional mods include a CAI and a Cortex tune. I've been doing a lot of reading, and I'm hoping to determine the best exhaust mod from here. My goals are HP and sound. My current sent up sounds really mean at startup, but not so...
  8. Exhaust Tech
    I wanna buy pacesetter headers but not sure which ones to buy. Looking on summit racing they have ceramic coated ones and they have stainless steel ones which cost slightly more but they don’t take 3 weeks to ship. Which i thought ceramic coat was the better buy. Will the stainless steal headers...
  9. Exhaust Tech
    Hey all, I got a stock g8 gt I’m about to put Texas speed cam what’s my best option to change my headers without touching the rest of the exhaust? Is it even possible. If so what headers ?
  10. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    So i've been browsing around on G8Only and I was wondering if anyone here has ran the "Wake the Neighbors Package" just want to see if it's worth it or how it sounds. https://g8only.com/product/wake-the-neighbors/ link for reference.
  11. Parts for Sale
    I have for sale a used set of 1 7/8" Kooks LT headers in great shape and a full solo cat-back exhaust. The solo kit is *I believe* the Mach kit that has been cut and re-welded to fit the Kooks headers. This is a non-cat system and sounds incredible. This will be sold with all necessary hardware...
  12. Exhaust Tech
    My tuner, Jeremy and I installed the Pacestter LT's yesterday and it went great. We did a baseline Dyno run before getting started and logged 326 rwhp and 347 rwtq. It took us about 2 hours installing them. Thanks to all the great in depth header threads on here, I knew what was coming. We did...
  13. Central
    So UPS dropped off these guys last night... I am planning on doing the install myself this weekend...does anyone around town have time to give me a hand Fri, Sat or Sun?
  14. Exhaust Tech
    I'd like to put a set of headers on my car. I was looking hard at the maximizer headers, seeing people have some good luck with those, but I'm also considering the Tri-Y's of DT and Pypes. My concern is that I need to be catted for a safety inspection that we have to go through every 2 years...
  15. Exhaust Tech
    This may be a dumb question but im pretty new to this exhaust stuff. On my G8 GT i have the stock exhaust system still on. What i am wondering is if i buy some Pacesetter Headers will they bolt on and hook right up to the rest of the "stock" exhaust system. In other words, when i buy headers...
  16. Exhaust Tech
    My dipstick is either touching the header pipes or the engine. My friend was helping me install it on my 09 G8 GXP and I think we routed the dipstick the way it was with OEM manifolds. I added about 0.75" worth of washers and it made it a bit better. Here is how it is now before adding washers...
  17. Exhaust Tech
    Hello, I am still pretty new and own a 08 G8 v6. Like the rest or most of the people who own the v6 version are looking for modifications to enhance their G8 v6. I work at a autopart store I rather manage it so, I am proposing a reasearch and possible production of headers and possible turbo...
1-17 of 40 Results