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  1. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I have an 08 Pontiac g8 gt that has about 134,000 miles on it. Within the last 6 months the headlights have started flashing. I've had the battery,alternator, and starter checked at Advance and all had good readings. The headlights, starter and battery are about 2 years old. I'm not sure how old...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Headlights - $165 USD shipped. GT Tail Lights - SOLD
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    Hi everyone - haven't posted in a while, but Saturday I'm going to start working on replacing my headlight assemblies and I have a few questions... First off, I'll explain why I am doing this in the first place - I had no problem with the look or performance of the stock lights, but for...
  4. Appearance / Detailing
    http://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/morimoto-retro-quik-system-spyder-spec-d.html#.UziRvdzRpZw i was wondering has anybody tried this kit for the spyder headlights
  5. Appearance / Detailing
    First of all... ...Wow.... http://www.carid.com/2009-pontiac-g8-headlights/option-racing-halo-led-projector-headlights-318036.html I am just curious to know if one person out there has put these on and what they look like? 2nd question: I'm starting to think that the H in HID stands for...
  6. Stereo / Electronics
    i was looking high and low for any type of led type tail light for my G8 i came across these head lights. has anyone on here purchased these? coolcarpartsonline.com
  7. Appearance / Detailing
    Angel Eyes Halo Headlights Kit I stumbled across this on ebay today. I'm not too knowledgeable on headlights. Do these look reliable to you guys? Umnitza Pontiac G8 GT Angel Eyes Kit
1-7 of 13 Results