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  1. G8 Talk (V6)
    It’s the year 2020, I have the 2008 V-6 with the dreaded Base Non-Leather Steering Wheel. Since I have a Clock Spring that’s throwing fault code B0012 and potentially having to remove the steering wheel, I’m seriously considering replacing my horrible stock plastic steering wheel at the same...
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    I found a company that makes the SS-V gauge faces for the Pontiac G8 for the owners like me that have converted their cars back to the Holden SS-V
  3. G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    So, Holden makes models for the domestic Australian market, and some of these get rebadged and shipped to the US as G8s (well, they used to anyway, before Ed Begley and Barney the Dinosaur took over the decision making for GM). Some others get rebadged and shipped to other countries as...
1-3 of 6 Results