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  1. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Hi all, I'm the current owner of the White, 2012 Holden UTE from Denver then Florida, now in California. I've put a bunch of the goodies back on her, live Varex exhaust, Brembos, and 20" original Holden wheels. I've joined here because she is basically a G8 El Camino. I'm not a racer, but I...
  2. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Looking for Holden flat style hood. I don’t care where you are let me know if you have one or know of one for sale.
  3. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    So I know someone on here knows a guy in AU. A special sorta guy that sells used HSV parts. i found a guy on a website called Gumtree. I guess its like Craigslist for Austrilla. So we already know haw thats gonna go. So If you know a guy, let us know. Thanks Everyone, Cheers.
  4. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Hey guys, I'm from Australia. Even though I don't own a G6, just thought I'd pop over and show some pics of my car. It's a 3.6l supercharged motor. Tuning is still progressing, hoping to see 260rwkw, or more. No idea what she's making atm. Will be posting more information soon, as cams and...
  5. Wheels / Tires
    http://i.imgur.com/9KbhQ9z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4qisV1f.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hAz7ux6.jpg
  6. Appearance / Detailing
    I have a good friend of my that owns a window tint shop here in the Tampa Florida area. He has been doing custom art work with window film buy hand cutting designs. Ever since he tinted my car and saw my Holden badge he wanted to do his magic on my back window. I am glad I did it because it...
  7. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    Has anyone seen a holden sportwagon in the u.s. ever..wondering how many are floating around
  8. Multimedia
  9. Appearance / Detailing
    I just received a Holden trunk badge today. It looks great! Although I'm contemplating using some black plastidip on it before I install. Go for the stealth look. Anyways I'd enjoy some feedback and possibly some pics from those who have done this. Thanks in advance
  10. Appearance / Detailing
    Hey guys, I am a new proud owner of a 09 g8 gt, panther black, I am looking to do the conversion on it to the ssv. Looking to see if anyone has any leads to where I can find these parts for it. I contacted Crazy Paul and he no longer does any of that work, said that airbags etc are all long...
  11. Appearance / Detailing
    Just for fun I popped the hood and trunk on my G8 and searched and searched for a badge, label, stamp or other marking on a component that says "Holden." I couldn't find one. Just "GM", plenty of "Bosch" and one sticker that said "printed in Australia." A gold star goes to the first G8 Board...
  12. Appearance / Detailing
    #018 of first 888 "Holden Aces" Performance Mods - Roto-Fab CAI and Radiator Cover Kooks 1 7/8" Mid Length Headers 3" Race Cats DMH Low Profile Electric Cut-outs Magnaflow Cat-back System Custom GM Engineering PCM and TCM Tune Billet Prototypes Oil Catch Can Front and Rear CrossDrilled and...
  13. Multimedia
    YouTube embedding doesn't work for me so you'll have to click on each individual link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgSabtwLNho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBNBt6PpnVA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o83qv3M2f5s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUbbWNfIgVQ
  14. Appearance / Detailing
    I am going to order either the SSV or the SV6 spoiler once my interior and engine mods are finished in early 2011. I know of several other members that are interested in Holden spoilers as well. I am wondering if a group purchase would be a consideration if it would reduce the shipping cost...
  15. Appearance / Detailing
    Looking for some holden badges around the web, anyone found any under 30$?
  16. International Community
    Holden VE Series II Commodore Review http://www.caradvice.com.au/83628/holden-ve-series-2-commodore-review/ 2011 HSV Grange (WM3) http://www.caradvice.com.au/82564/2011-hsv-grange-launched-wm3/ http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/90CB2FB2533F93F8CA257796000B11EA...
1-16 of 27 Results