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  1. Central
    So UPS dropped off these guys last night... I am planning on doing the install myself this weekend...does anyone around town have time to give me a hand Fri, Sat or Sun?
  2. Central
    Well, seems to be enough of us, seems to be enough want to, seems I'm bored and lonely on some nights, and long to be around like minded individuals. So let's check in here, find us a place, and start meeting, nothing brings people together like a good shop talk, especially over a cold brew. All...
  3. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Hey y'all, just wanted to say I enjoy this G8 board. It's awesome and very helpful! Ive always been a fan of g8's, they were a big eye catcher for me on performance and looks. I got a 2009 g8 as a christmas gift last year and absolutely love it :)
  4. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Long story short, GM is telling me my engine is hydralocked (due to my OTR intake) and my insurance is probably not going to cover it. I've got to get the G8 running again, but I want it faster and louder. $11,000 is my budget now that it seems I have to pay for this myself. I'm not sure of the...
  5. Central
    http://www.g8board.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52408 SLP lowering springs, ~3k miles. Prefer not to ship them, I am in Houston. $200
  6. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone, New member here with an 08 Liquid Red GT. Bone stock for the time being (my 95 Z28 gets more go-fast attention, this is my cruiser / part-time daily). I'm involved in the performance aftermarket, dealing a lot with late model GMs (5th gen Camaros, C6 Vettes, CTS-V, etc.), and...
  7. Central
    Anything new on the Texas meet? A few of us got together today and the subject came up about the Texas meet. I know the last I heard everyone involved in planning was shooting for March. I'm assuming that's not going to happen because there hasn't been any news for a few months? Is this still...
  8. Central
    I'm looking for a set of the red V6 tail lights. I want to trade you MY GT tails for YOUR V6 tails, and I will give you my DDM 35w, 6000k, H11 HID's for the head lights, that i've had installed in my car for a week now. For FREE lol. Theres nothing wrong with them, they are direct plug and play...
1-8 of 9 Results