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  1. Parts for Sale
    Well I finally sold the G8 and have a few things for sale. Located near Cleveland Ohio. Cortex 2950 tuner. Tuner is unlocked and ready for use. 240$ shipped. HSRK. I bought this off another member here and never used it. Sold. Orssom intake clone. I bought this and used it for about 2 years...
  2. Intake/Fuel Tech
    I purchased the adapter/harness to avoid switching wires and I have a hsrk. I can put it on the original maf harness or the hsrk correct? Is one smarter then the other? Also.. for those who have made the switch have any of you added any type of coating to the spectre aluminum housing? I spoke to...
  3. Intake/Fuel Tech
    Want some insight on this if possible... Outside ambient temp showed 75-78 deg F. IATs while cruising sat right at 100 deg F and then up to 107 deg F at idle (didnt idle long, it kept climbing)... a FULL twenty two degree swing at LEAST. (using my cortex to read iat) Is this normal for the...
1-3 of 5 Results