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    Hey guys, So when the heat is on comes out fine on the passenger side but only lukewarm on drivers side. When ac is on comes out fine on both sides. I have already flushed heater core and replaced blender door on drivers side. Did the blender door recalibration but still no change. Everything...
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    So.... i wanted to upgrade my system.... i pulled the wiring harness out to change the speaker outs to run them to the back amp to retain fade/balance controls. ( i have young kids who like to sleep), plugged everything back up and.... The radio and HVAC are not turning on. I was at a point to...
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    Hi, The dealer replaced my flip key and it's key pad when they both wore out. I've had lousy radio reception, non-functioning rear door speakers and rear deck speakers. They have replaced both the 6 CD radio and the rear door speakers twice, the booster and an antenna once, all under warranty...
1-3 of 7 Results