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  1. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    My 09 gt currently has the cloth seats w/out heated option. Although in pristine shape im looking for and have found leather seats for the front and the are heated as well. My Question is if i get the heated seat switch module from the car i get seats from will i be able to swap the heated...
  2. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I have to park a lot in the city (Newark, NJ), and people can't parallel park to save their lives or they just don't give a fxck if they bump your car. So I'm looking for a leather front bumper cover. I'm not sure if it will look tacky or not, I've yet to see a G8 with one. But I was looking...
  3. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    I want to buy a black leather door panel for my rear right door. /Per
  4. Appearance / Detailing
    so my gxp is falling apart :) my shifter was peeling and the leather had to come off. to my surprise its a norm shifter knob underneath. I guess what they mean by leather wrapped. it feels really odd now and small
  5. Appearance / Detailing
    Check this out!!! I just had my armrest re-covered in leather by my local upholstery shop. The center section is leather which is stitched to vinyl on each side and then attached to the existing cover with glue and staples. The sides are vinyl because leather is too thick to allow it to be...
  6. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Looking for this: http://jhp.com.au/g8partsdirect/leatherconsole.htm $300 seems steep for a just a lid, but figured maybe I could get a decent deal on a used one if someone didn't want it anymore or didn't like it. Thanks
1-6 of 11 Results