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  1. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Have a 2009 GT and I'm looking to purchase a Trailer Hitch and associated Wiring harness to bull my seadoo. Located in 60110. West Chicago suburbs. Thanks!
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    Problem: My passenger brake light and passenger side yellow front running light stopped working. Replaced the 10amp fuse and the new fuse blew as soon as the car was auto started again? Resolution: Found the wires inside the rubber hose in the passenger side of the trunk lid to be worn threw...
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    This is a little project I did back in April. I wanted to add a little color to the interior of my LR G8. I tore apart the center console and wired all my LEDs to the rear accessory plug wire. The pics make it seem overwhelming but I must say that the red color is easy on the eyes. :) I bought...
  4. G8 Talk (V6)
    if so how long til it comes on?
  5. Central
    I'm looking for a set of the red V6 tail lights. I want to trade you MY GT tails for YOUR V6 tails, and I will give you my DDM 35w, 6000k, H11 HID's for the head lights, that i've had installed in my car for a week now. For FREE lol. Theres nothing wrong with them, they are direct plug and play...
  6. Appearance / Detailing
    I have a 2008 G8 GT, and my passenger side fog light just burnt out. I'm just looking to just replace it with an OEM type bulb. I know, kinda borning, but I'm spending money on suspension installs, so I need to keep it simple. I've done some searching and it looks like the part number is 5202...
  7. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Hey guys, Got a check engine light coming on in my car, I don't feel difference in the drive, so I'm thinking just like a loose wire or something small. Got my car in March of '08 and I know the car comes with a warranty would I be able to go in and get it coded for free?? Please help...
1-7 of 10 Results