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  1. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    So on the route to purchasing a cam and have narrowed it down to two. My goal is like most, preparing for blower while keeping her DD AND adding as much hp as possible. I've been considering the Livernois Stage 1 (224/230 .581/.590" 114 LSA) and a custom Pat G cam (218/230 .595/.609" 115 LSA +2)...
  2. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    I live in socal (LA/ventura area) and plan on getting kooks mids, so ill need a dyno tune. Where should i get one? i know vms and livernois are popular, but are they in california?
  3. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    The first dyno tune is scheduled for this weekend. I purchased the Trinity (Diablosport) tuner and we should be ready to roll this Saturday morning. The build (2008 G8GT, L76) includes SLP 25% UD pulley, 160 degree stat, Vararam CAI, heat soak relocation, Livernois stage I set-up with: ported...
  4. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I am torn between the 1 and 1c cam, can someone with experience tell me about how they feel about their selection. Any regrets one way or the other? Need help deciding which to get for my DD. Thanks for your input.
  5. Exhaust Tech
    Hey all, just got my refund and I called Maryland Speed ordered up some Kooks Long Tubes and the high flow cat-connector pipe. Getting them coated as well. BTW they coated them for free and still gave be a better price then they have listed. I strongly suggest that you call them for the best...
  6. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    But guess what? One simple email to Rick and Dan was all it took to resolve. In less than 4 hours, I had the new tune files from Rick. Took just a couple of minutes to apply the new files with the X-Cal Interface. All I can say is the purchase of a Livernois Dyno Tune with X-Cal Interface and...
  7. G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    Ok big thanks to Andy and Rick and all of the nice people at Livernois! I ordered a Roto-Fab CAI and a Tune. The order got lost by UPS and they sent out a new package right away. I was able to install the CAI and have it for about 2 weeks before I tuned. I noticed the car pulling a little...
1-7 of 10 Results