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  1. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    What are the differences between an LSA and L76? If I added the LSA blower to an L76, would it be the same as an LSA? From a reliability standpoint that would be good cause I see people driving their V’s year round/daily around me.
  2. Intake/Fuel Tech
    I am in the process of doing an LSA swap and I’m thinking of going with 1000cc injectors, DSX aux pump, and the CTSV V2 fuel pump with the Vaporworx controller. What the are the power limitations with this setup? Thanks in advance!
  3. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    I’ve already done Kooks mid length 1 7/8, borla cat back, CAI, mild cam with DOD, tune and pedders suspension. I’ve searched the forums and found topics that glanced over it. But no one really did a pro/con of lsa vs 2900 Maggie’s. I’m looking at a blower as the final performance mod for this...
  4. Cars for Sale
    Located in Richmond Hill, Georgia this has been my pride and joy. I just recently was blessed with twins and can no longer justify having this car. The car is a Black 2014 Chevy SS Sedan with a LSA supercharger. I have gone above and beyond to make this car just as reliable and trustworthy...
  5. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Figured I'll start posting some details and pics so I can document my daily driver G8 build. Current Specs: Engine: GMPP 6.2L LS3 block and LS3 bottom end LS3 Oil Pan 8.7" ATI Superdamper crank pulley (10%OD) LSA supercharger w/ stock 3.0" pulley ZL1 Lid LS6 Cam LS3 Heads Holley valve covers...
  6. Drivetrain Tech
    Hey whats up guys, I have a 2008 G8 GT that I will be doing a ton of stuff to hopefully over the winter. So I found a donor LSA engine from a CTSV and Ill be building the motor and it is broadcasted to make 700 rwhp. Ill be bringing mt 6l80 to Tim King for a rebuild. My concerns are axles and...
  7. PCM Tuning / Dyno Results
    I was at a cars and coffee recently and saw they had a drive up dyno. I decided to see what the 'ol daily driver/winter beater makes. Turns out, not too shabby. 550whp :grin2:
  8. Cars for Sale
    I think it's time to part with my G8. I've owned it since June on 2014, I am the second owner. The car has a 650whp Forged LSA block and LSA supercharger mated to a Camaro TR6060 built by ProMotion Transmissions. The car is capable of over 1000whp. It has 117k on the car, the motor has about 10k...
  9. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    Well my original plan was to do heads and cam package to my GXP. From quotes I have got from local shops (ny) have range from $5000 to $6500. Then I started looking into doing a LSA blower on my LS3 for around the same price. I came across a kit on ebay that's for a camaro and wanted to know if...
1-10 of 15 Results