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  1. G8 Talk (V6)
    I have my 2008 gšŸŽ± with 87000 miles on the base engine. I was wondering if anybody know any ways I can get it faster. I changed the CAI already what else is it I can do? Iā€™m try to get at 400 horsepower out of this engine if I could.... Any input will be helpful
  2. Parts for Sale
    V6 (LY7) Thermostat & Housing Brand New in Box GM Part #92249137 $50 Two (2) Exhaust Packings New in Package GM Part #92066863 $20/pair Two (2) V6 (LY7) Water Connection O-Rings New in Package GM Part #92066705 $10/pair Transmission Shift Rod Bushing (V6) New in Package GM Part #92191384 $10...
  3. V6 Engine Tech (LY7)
    Looking into putting a catch can on my ly7, wanna see what kind of cans people are running and the placement of the cans.
  4. Exhaust Tech
    Well, with absolutely no regrets, I ordered the axle back kit for my V6 from Solo Performance. It should be here by this wednesday and I cannot wait to get them on my car and see how it sounds. :D
  5. Exhaust Tech
    Considering getting it for my V6, but first I would love to hear some feedback.
1-5 of 5 Results