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  1. Vendor Deals
    Magnacharger delivers amazing real world gains. Some supercharger and turbo kits might give you some shocking numbers but they fail to do so under the torque curve. Magnacharger blowers keep that power where you can use it delivering gains up to 66% under the curve. All while costing you less...
  2. Intake/Fuel Tech
    Ok, so I'm deployed to Afghanistan and wanting to go with a maggie from Livernois. Can anybody tell me how much HP to expect off of a stock engine with just maggie and roto-fab, and their experience with Livernois if they got their Magnuson installed by them. I'm asking because I'm going to have...
  3. Intake/Fuel Tech
    Today is my first day here. As awesome as it seems, it gets better. I spent my first day in the reman shop rebuilding a SSR 5.3 blower. Totally awesome, right? AND I get paid for this! So with that said, let me know if any of you need anything, or have questions... I don't know a whole lot yet...
1-3 of 4 Results