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  1. Cars for Sale
    NJ - '09 GXP M6 WHT - 30k - Very Clean - Tasteful Upgrades - Price Drop 11/02 A total cream puff!! This car has been pampered better than my 3year old daughter. Garage kept and has never seen rain or snow. Polished and waxed routinely. Regular oil, brake, and clutch fluid changes. Comes...
  2. Cars for Sale
    Sold... Sold... Mods, please delete.
  3. Stereo / Electronics
    Doeas anyone know if the 2008 and 2009 G8 manuals are similar. I purchased a preowned 2008 G8GT that did not have an owners manual. I can get the 2009 manual for $20. I was wondering if this manual would suffice for most basic operations. Thanks in advance.
  4. Drivetrain Tech
    what all would have to be changed and how much would it cost? i miss running through the gear's
1-5 of 9 Results