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  1. Stereo / Electronics
    Just took delivery of some interesting parts ... I have a small but useful mod in the works. Might have to do with the words PPV, but I'm not telling. I'll just say you might be close. It's something with the interior. Let me gather my things and start this project. I'll post some pics up...
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    I installed my JHP GPS dash mod today. Everything went as expected and it looks great. The only problem I had was when I removed the stereo facial 3 of the 4 mounting clips broke into pieces. It maybe because it was about 40 degrees in my garage. I hadn't heard of anyone breaking these before...
  3. Stereo / Electronics
    I'm curious if anyone has sought to change the color of the center display (DIC) in the G8's dash. I first saw that some the G8's siblings (i.e. Caprice) has a DIC that is back-lit in white. So, I figured it'd be easy enough to change it...just get that alternate part and install. I...
1-3 of 3 Results