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  1. Exhaust Tech
    New, in the box, Pontiac G8 Specific Pypes Axle Back Violator Muffler set for sale. Purchased 6 months ago and need to sell extra set I have with selling other G8 (have another set on G8 I still own and love them but don't need 2 sets). Again, new condition. Full stainless steel construction...
  2. Exhaust Tech
    Has anyone removed the mid muffler and resonators then adding an X/H pipe and leave the stock mufflers? Or removed the stock mufflers and straight piped in place leaving the stock mid muffler and resonators? also what is the V6 guys running mostly and what truly bolts up and sounds good...
  3. Exhaust Tech
    Our GXP currently has SOLO High Flow Cats on it and we could not be happier with them. We drove up to Buffalo from Detroit to have them installed and were most impressed with their operation. Many thanks again Team SOLO... I do have a question about the design of the SOLO catback systems for...
  4. Exhaust Tech
    Swapping my mufflers out (again), figured I would take a video clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QOZkaW9oMY I've gone through a number of exhaust setups and I really like the Pypes. Great looking tips, good sound, good fit, and surprisingly cheap!
  5. Exhaust Tech
    I have a G8 GT, and im looking to get the most bang for my buck as most people. ive been looking at solo, corsa, and borla. should i go cat backs or axle backs or what to get most sound. im most likely not going to get headers im afraid that would void warranty.
  6. Exhaust Tech
    I've decided to go with either roto-fab or vararam intake. Still trying to decide on mufflers. which would make the best difference? I'm leaning towards magnaflow or solo on this one. any advice? also help me decide which intake to get. ive read that their both pretty easy to install but vararam...
1-6 of 8 Results