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  1. Bench Racing
    So me and my buddy with his 2014 mustang 5.0 went down to woodward to cruise around.. All of a sudden at the light a 2003-4 mustang supercharged pulls up, as well as a camaro Zl1.. Felt like i was in a fast n furious movie LOL. Finally the light turns green and we all floor it, the camaro was...
  2. Kill Section
    Had a couple run in's with a some cobras the past few days. Was out on a drive a little bit ago and saw an 03-04 cobra rip up an on ramp so I decided to see if he wanted to play. Caught up to him a mile down the highway and he immediately knew what was up. Slowed to around 50 mph, perfect for...
1-2 of 3 Results