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  1. North East
    As per request: I would like to get a couple runs in before the track closes down for the season. I talked to Uncle Buck already and we have a tentative date of Saturday, Oct 15 for heading up to the Lebanon Valley Dragway in NY from Southeast CT. I believe I have a couple of my buddies that...
  2. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Just wanted to drop in and say hey. I have been lurking deep in the shadows waiting until I got one to join in on the fun. Flew out to Wisconsin to pick her up and then drove the 18ish hours back to New York, a fun drive no doubt and I got to meet State Troopers from 3 different states! In any...
  3. North East
    Spotted a liquid red G8 GT in Ithaca, turning left from Warren Road onto Rte 13-S yesterday. I was at the stop light on 13-S waiting to turn left onto warren Road. Have seen a couple other times in the same area. Board member?
1-3 of 3 Results