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  1. Stereo / Electronics
    Hello I recently picked up a iq headunit from a Caprice ppv and a OnStar Bluetooth module. I installed the module with the old stereo and it works flawlessly, but I need too know if when I install the iq system will I lose the OnStar and Bluetooth functionality?
  2. Stereo / Electronics
    Hi everyone. I'm still in research mode. So it looks like there are three radio options: 1 Has knobs and buttons and a small screen at the top of the dash 2 is the "premium" radio with the large display screen 3 is the 2009.5 with the same premium radio and a Bluetooth module built into OnStar...
  3. Stereo / Electronics
    Hi guys! Got my onstar upgrade yesterday. Just out of curiosity I tried to pair my phone, and the Bluetooth worked! I have an early 2009 without factory bluetooth. All functions seem normal and pairs excellently. Let me know if yours worked too!
  4. Stereo / Electronics
    The screen that is for your radio and everything in the G8's, if I subscribe to OnStar will show maps or will OnStar just tell me my directions by voice?
  5. G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    The purpose of this thread is to discuss OnStar, and specifically the OnStar implementation in the GXP, which includes BlueTooth. Please only post in this thread if you wish to have a purely technical discussion about how OnStar works, how Bluetooth works, and how they work together with the...
  6. Stereo / Electronics
    The other night, I went to tune from an FM station to an XM station and I got a message in the display that "XM is Unavailable." After starting and stopping the car three or four times (maybe), XM simply disappeared as an option. When I hit the "Band" button, it scrolls from the AM band to the...
1-6 of 10 Results