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  1. Parts for Sale
    Hey everyone. I've got a used vcm which I never used. I bought it used and won't be needing it. Didn't know that this snout wouldn't fit onto my n/a setup. I guess the angle/ size of the rear inlet wouldn't match up properly. Mafless setup here is slightly marred. Looks like a belt probably...
  2. Intake/Fuel Tech
    Just got this message from Greg at VCM Suite Australasia Pty Ltd: "I have some good news in that product sourcing is now available through a USA agent, namely JHP which is also a G8Board sponsor." How freakin' sweet is this?!
  3. Intake/Fuel Tech
    hey hey, this is my first thread in a while, but not to waste anytime bullshi**ing, Everyone on this forum and *********** have been an amazing help in my first, bolt-on/mod to the GT, and i have decided on the ever-popular VaraRam OTR CAI... now. everyones tech tips, diy's and other useful...
1-3 of 4 Results