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  1. Parts for Sale
    New to forum so if I have done anything incorrect, please let me know. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY OR YOU AS BUYER FIND A WAY TO SHIP IT - This item will be available on September 17, 2021. Time on that date when available unsure but it will be full removed from my vehicle on that day. Not sure how long...
  2. Newbie/Introduction Forum
    I have been around for a bit browsing but not an active contributor. Here are my two G8's - 2009.5 G8 GT - 2009 G8 GT Firehawk - 10,900K Miles Car #4 - Alive and well in Pittsburgh, PA Moving to Tampa in September
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have for sale the Sport package steering wheel from my GT. It is used and in great condition. I bought one of the Holden wheels which I've put on the car, so looking to get rid of this one finally. It's been off the car for about 10 months now, and after it was removed was cleaned with...
  4. Exhaust Tech
    This is a little different to the current thread open, but I’ve searched through the postings and cannot seem to find a simple answer. I just had Kooks LT, Custom 3 inch X Pipe, Hi Flo Cats installed. Problem is they are bolting directly to my SOLO Axle backs... The sound is pure sex, but is...
  5. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    Im in the market for a 2008 or 9 white hot g8 gt. I'll still consider other colors, i just prefer white. Im not looking to spend more than $21,000 and don't want to have to drive very far from california, so i would prefer deals from california or any of the states touching it. Also, i have a...
1-6 of 11 Results