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rear differential
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  1. G8 GXP Talk (V8)
    Any leads on a low mileage or otherwise decent condition differential for a '08-'09 G8 GXP 6-speed manual I would greatly appreciate it. Trying to get my daily driver back on the road🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  2. Drivetrain Tech
    Are 3.45 gear diff housings the same as 3.27 diff housings? I bought a rear diff from Hawks and chose 3.45 gears (more expensive). They didn’t specify the mileage and I got it today and saw it has 116k so I have to change the gears anyway. Are all the 2010-2015 differential housings the same?
  3. Drivetrain Tech
    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to gauge interest in a direct fit 32 spindle Wavetrac Differential for our G8s and Camaros. . I am in no way selling the item and if I do decided to based on interest become a vendor I will most definitely go through the proper steps. I am in the process of getting...
  4. Drivetrain Tech
    Ive read a few of the other posts concerning the rear differentials. My g8 gt has 37,000 on it. When i put my car into drive it kind of tries to pull forward.. And also i noticed that my diff housing has started to leak out around the seal but ive only notice the leak after i had done a mild...
1-4 of 4 Results